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  • FROG3D® Demos

    Did you know that the FROG3D® facility runs demos? A demo day is an invaluable opportunity for you to see how the FROG3D® system would work for your business in specific terms. During your demo, the FROG3D® team will focus on the processes that are of particular relevance to your company and what you want to...

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  • Good News for American Companies!

    Don't Miss Out!

    DID YOU KNOW THAT SECTION 179 TAX SAVINGS MEAN THAT YOU CAN SAVE OVER $70,000* ON YOUR PURCHASE OF A FROG3D® SYSTEM? Now is an amazing time for American companies to take advantage of tax saving opportunities for 2018! LEARN MORE HERE * Assumes a 35% tax bracket ** The Section 179 is available to US companies only. ***The Section...

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  • 5 Reasons Why FROG3D® Wins at Halloween

    For companies that work heavily, or even exclusively, in the Halloween theming industry, FROG3D® has proven highly effective as a complete fabrication system that merges cost saving 3D CNC production with unlimited creative potential. If you can dream it FROG3D® can make it. Read the full article and watch the video HERE ...

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  • FROG3D® vs. Alternative Technologies

    Whitepaper Alert!

    When looking to automate and expand fabrication processes, the technological options can be broken down into three camps.  Businesses can invest in a FROG3D® System, which provides integrated 3D CNC fabrication abilities, a robot, or a 3D printer. Which direction you chose to go requires a thorough understanding of the different technologies and how they...

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